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3D & Virtual Reality Tours

Interior 3D Virtual Tours are best done using the correct tool for the job. In most cases, where the bulk of the space to be captured is inside, where sunlight (and particularly InfraRed light) is not an issue, that tool is the Matterport Pro2 Camera. This tool uses infrared beams to actually measure the dimensions of the space, and can create much more than just a cutting-edge 3D “Virtual” Tour. In addition to creating something that can be viewed on any device and using VR goggles, a super-accurate floorplan, 3D virtual rendering for design and rehab purposes, as well as virtual staging for empty properties can be accomplished. None of which can be done using a traditional camera.

Exterior 3D Virtual Tours are best done using a tool unaffected by sunlight – the Leica BLK360. This tool uses laser beams to create what is known as a “Point Cloud”. This enables not only an exterior 3D Virtual Tour to be created, but all kinds of other design tools and offerings. Particularly appropriate for Commercial and Retail spaces, 3D CAD renderings, floorplans, TI (Tenant Improvement) and rehab projects – all of which can take your marketing to the next level. It can also shorten the time on market, improve website conversions (by keeping people on your website longer, and in the long run, save money on marketing costs. None of which can be done using a traditional camera.

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