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What is WoW 3D™?

WoW 3D™ is your source for unique, custom content for online and social media marketing. We create 3D/Virtual Tours, HD photography (both 4k and DSLR), HD Aerial videography/photography, 360* photos and video, floor plans, single-page websites and lead-capture web pages, agent and property videos and more.  With over 20 years of experience in the real estate business, we fully understand what you are looking for and how to leverage 3D and virtual technology in today’s ever changing world.

Why would I want a 3D virtual tour of my property or business?

If you want people to experience or “get inside of” your space, and either immerse themselves within a property you are trying to sell, or browse your store to see what you are selling, this technology can now enable that. 24 hours a day, 7 days/week, whether in town or not, a potential buyer of what you are selling, can now view it from the inside, when you are asleep; and even be able to make a purchase! Want to know more?

Can real estate agents benefit from a 3D virtual tour of their listing?

Silly question, right? Not really. Once you know whether someone is talking about a picture slideshow put to music, or that you’ll be able to almost literally (with VR goggles) be able to walk around inside a property, and get perspectives from different vantage points that are just not possible with a 2D photo, you’ll understand. In addition to being able to demonstrate (as an agent) that YOU know the difference, you’ll have a serious advantage over agents that still use their cellphone to take pictures of listings. Sellers now expect agents to bring value to the table. If YOU are NOT using this technology already, your competition is. Differentiate yourself!

Why should I choose WoW 3D™?

Because we are the above and beyond guys; not the do the bare minimum, here’s your stuff and see you later guys. We want YOU to look great by doing what we love to do. We’ll go out of our way for you, because without you, we are only us. If we have to come back and re-shoot, to make sure that you get the content you are looking for, we will – including nights and weekends!

How much does a 3D virtual tour cost?

Short answer, roughly fifteen to twenty five cents per square foot. Depends on the physical layout of the structure, time of day (for lighting purposes), and whatever other options make sense to bundle. But getting just a basic tour, without a walk through attached, or photos, or 360* pictures, or a super accurate floor-plan, or any kind of other content for marketing, just doesn’t make that much sense.

What should I do to prepare for a 3D virtual tour?

For the property to show it’s best, it’s got to be in it’s best condition. It must be either recently cleaned or better yet, staged. The camera we use picks up extreme detail and will show dings on walls, paint scuffs, and other imperfections you may not want exposed in such detail. Also, beds made, trash cans around the house put under cabinets, windows cleaned. And as important as above, pets need to be secured, and, someone will need to meet one of us at the property, or booking deposit will be forfeit.

How long will it take to shoot my property?

Depending upon the scope of the job, expect it to take 3-4 hours minimum, if all goes as expected. The actual process itself can yield around 1500 square feet per hour. Sometimes more or less, depending upon lighting conditions and how well the technology we use functions as it should. (Sometimes technology does not cooperate, as in “sync” with the previous position, or not communicate via WiFi as designed (due to some interference). Setting proper expectations up front, and “walking the property” prior to shooting, will resolve and answer any questions. Turnaround time is usually one business day, again, depending upon the size and scope of the project.

Do I own the 3D virtual tour that WoW 3D™ produces?

When you purchase a 3D virtual tour with WoW 3D™, you are paying for our services to scan and produce your 3D virtual tour.  What you receive in return is a link and embed code to publicly display (websites, social media…) your 3D virtual tour for as long as you pay for hosting with WoW 3D™.

For an additional charge, you may purchase the actual file (obj. ), of which you can host and use, in accordance with WoW 3D™ terms as conditions.  WoW 3D™ retains all copyright and intellectual property rights to images, scans, and any other media that WoW 3D™ produces.  You may purchase those rights from WoW 3D™ for an additional charge.  All terms and conditions will be clearly stated in your contract.  We value your privacy and will clearly explain these terms and conditions at the time of sale. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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